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How to Say No Politely to a Client

Posted on 07 September 2020 by admin (0)

For most people, saying no can be a real challenge. Learning how to say no, especially in business, is a very important skill to develop. Suppose you work with Dream builders Fredericksburg and you encounter customers who wants certain services that are beyond your scope and their budget is not worth it, how do you go ahead to say no? As a freelancer, consultant, or small business owner, learning to say no will help get you out of unnecessary commitments. Every client and project is different, and you must learn to treat different situations differently.

There are many different reasons and instances you might be required to say no. When you say yes to every project, client, or opportunity that presents itself, you might get overwhelmed. You might find yourself with too much on your desk and chances of delivering these tasks in the most appropriate way gets low.

If you find yourself in a situation you must say no, here are some sure ways to go about it.


Be kind

It is important to set boundaries and say no to tasks that don’t excite you. However, it is important to maintain a positive relationship even when turning something down. It is important to play nice always. A little politeness will go a long way when you say no. Include clauses such as ” I would love to, but unfortunately”. You may say “that would be great, but I do have other engagements”. Always show appreciation for any change presented to you, but decline the offer politely.


Take your time

One of the best ways to learn to say no is to take your time before you can respond. When a client makes a request that you find it hard to commit and deliver before you can give your response, take your time. You should never immediately rush to every challenge that presents itself to you, without evaluating if it’s worth undertaking. Take time to think if you can really deliver on a task.


Make a no sandwich

As we have said, when it comes to saying no, expressing politeness goes a long way to winning. So if you need to say no, try sandwiching your no between to yes-es. You may say something like, “good news learning you are doing really well. Thanks for the opportunity you have presented to me. Unfortunately, I have another very urgent request under my desk at the moment. Hopefully, when I shall get time to work on your request in the future. Sandwiching your no between two yes-es will leave a client with an overall positive sentiment.


Offer alternatives

Sometimes, the reasons you are saying no is not because you don’t work with a client or a project, but because the best offer has not been presented to you. It is okay to express yourself and offer alternatives. If you find yourself saying no because the terms of work from a client doesn’t favor you, it is okay to suggest alternatives that work for both of you. Doing so offers a great way to transform a no to a yes. A client may send an offer to your side with an unrealistic deadline. In that case, offer a more realistic deadline and strike an agreement.