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Why you should Make Mallorca Your Next Holiday Stop

Posted on 28 February 2018 by admin (0)

MarllocaMallorca can be considered the largest island in Spain. It is one of the best places you might want to visit for a holiday. Its extensive beach provides a conducive resting destination for visitors from every part of the world. You can explore Mallorca you can see the services of taxi, limos and other 4WD cars to explore its vast terrain. When you choose to be driven, you get yourself off the hook of needing towing services in the event your vehicle gets stuck or breaks down as your driver caters for your convenience. There are so many reasons you should choose Mallorca as your next holiday stop as discussed below.



Explore Alcudia

This is a historical city that was traditionally occupied by the Moors who named it “Al-Qudya” which in Arabic means “the hill.” After defeating them, King James II proceeded to design the fourteenth-century quadrangular ramparts which have stood the test of time. Porta de Xara and the other one Porta de Mallorca have since been made National Monuments by the Spanish government. These ramparts nearly surround the old town. The quaint winding roads are technically hemmed by some sandstone architecture when reflected by the afternoon sunlight have a pretty appearance that makes them even more attractive to the tourists. The classy restaurants and quaint shops provide visitors with excellent places where they can spend their nights, and then they tour the city.

The Beach

Mallorca has an extensive soft-sand beach on the Platja d’Alcudia which is considered the longest beach on the island. If you have a young family that you might want to take out, there is a perfect place for you. The reassuringly shallow waters by the renown Playa De Muro provides an ideal place for your children to run around without getting too worried about their safety, especially the fun theme water park which is located at the edge of the water.

Ciudad de Pollentia

Pula ArenaThe city is located between Bahia de Pollensa and the famous Bahia de Alcudia. Besides, it is very convenient to cross to the old town of Alcudia where there are the remains of the Belearic Islands, which was a Roman capital. The name Ciudad de Pollentia typically means the city of power. This name is an indicator of how the Romans thought of themselves at that time: the powerful people. This city was founded by Winto Cecilio Metel, a Roman ruler who was trusted as the powerful leader of the kingdom. Visitors can enjoy the theatrics created by the Romans which can host more than 2,000 people. You can climb to the top and take instagrammable photographs.


Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

For those who love art, the Sa Bassa Blanca museum should be the highlight of the city of Alcudia and can be considered a destination in its own right. The outside is squirreled; hence, you might require a car to take you there. The roots of this museum can be traced to the 1970s when popular artists and collectors Jakober and Yannick Vu obtained a farmhouse. They were helped by Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian architect who developed it into a Hispano-Moorish building that was is well designed with some appealing white domes and tiles, both on floors and doors.

Therefore, it is evident that Mallorca is one of the best places you can visit during your next holiday.